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Solo Performance

Ms. Thibodeau began working as a solo performer six years ago in New York, coached by Rod Menzies.  She was inspired by the amazing “Syringa Tree” for which Mx. Menzies was the vocal coach.  There followed three years of investigative writing and performing, as she delved into her mother’s life.  “In My Mother’s House” was the final result, a solo piece depicting the challenging mother/daughter relationship, culminating in an unusual blessing by her mother just before she died.  This production was performed at Stage Left Studio in New York, and then toured to New Mexico and the Canada Fringe Festival (London).


She continued working, moving into shadow puppetry in her next piece “Pilar Passion Pie,” the journey of a mother and daughter to discover the voice of River Mama, journeying with her to the Land of the Double Rainbows.  This show workshoped at Stage Left Studio, touring to northern New Mexico community centers, and then to the Canada Fringe Festival (Hamilton).

I Do, I Do, in Delhi
written by Karen Thibodeau
directed by Cheryl King

A number of years ago she traveled to India to join in the wedding of a college classmate of forty-three years ago.   His son’s spectacular inspired her to write and perform “I Do, I Do in Delhi” (or how to survive an Indian wedding.)  This show has toured for several years, playing in different venues in New York and New Mexico, bringing a number of audiences transcendence to India.

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